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Hi itz Jamie.  I'm the manager of this website and I built this site to dedicate to Good Charlotte. I have a whole bunch of crap here. Bios, Quotes, Pix, and sum good shit, they're all in here. Feel free too look at it. If you have any ideas, comments, or questions, e-mail me at jamie1363@juno.com. As I said before, this site is wholly dedicated to Good Charlotte and loving fans.

Oh and BTW on the linx, where is ses Custom 3 Page, that's the vegitarian page. Even if you're not veg pleez look at it. Itz just somethin I put together.


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Good Charlotte Updates

Today(3/11/05) is Benji and Joel's 26th birthday!! God them!It's your birthday!! So be happy already, god!

Good Charlotte is going on tour with Simple Plan!! Go to www.goodcharlotte.com or www.simpleplan.com for more info.

The Music Video for "I Just Wanna Live is released!!" Yayyy!!

      Good Charlotte shot the music video for "Predictable" which will be on their new CD "The Chronicles of Life and Death", in stores October 5th.(Paul's Birthday.) You can see Predictable Video Stills at www.goodcharlotte.com under the dial.

     The vid for "Predictable" is finally out! check it out at www.MTV.com and make sure u have Windows Media 9.

The music video for "I Just Wanna Live" is out!!! Yeah... That's it

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No Posers or Teenieboppers allowed! True Fans Only!

In case you don't know what a poser or teeniebopper is, a poser is one who tries to dress punk, but doesn't have an attitude of a punk. They type of music one listens to does not make someone a poser. Now, a teeniebopper is one who only likes a bands such as Good Charlotte for their looks and gives no significant thought towards the band's music. An N*SYNC fan may not neccisarily be a teenibopper unless they only like them for their looks. The reason why I don't want any posers or teenieboppers in here is a, because it's listed at the top that this site is for true fans only, and b, because posers and teenieboppers give Good Charlotte fans a bad name and they are a disgrace to punk culture. Thank you for you cooperation.

Here's another thing I wrote. It's also in my AIM profile(BenjiBillyFartz9): What's punk and what's not
Everyone except for me is a poser! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! lol jk. Yeah neway-I'd like to prove a point to all you Good Charlotte haters and shit. I go into a chatroom and asks who likes Good Charlotte. Most of my responses are "gc sux" but hey, that's good 4u. I never asked who hates Good Charlotte I asked who likes them so fuk off. Why do you hate Good Charlotte so much anyway? Is it because they're posers or sellouts or whatever the bullshit? Give me 1 reason how they're posers! HA! It's harder than it sounds, isn't it? And in the chatroom, you tell me I'm a poser for liking Good Charlotte. Do you realize how retarded that sounds? I bet there's someone out there that likes Avril Lavigne but at the same time listens to Metallica, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana, and all that shit. And yunno what? The music one listens to doesn't affect whether they're "punk" or not. Haven't you guys realized that punk hasn't really had a definition in a long time? You don't just go up to someone and call them a poser because they like Good Charlotte. Oh, and who are you to be calling people posers? Look yourself in the mirror. What's so good about you? There shouldn't even be a such thing as "poser" if there isn't even a real definition of "punk". Different people like different clothing, music, interests, and attitude. Get over it already! Need I say more?

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About Me

None of you prolly give a crap about this part, but who knows. You might. My name is Charlotte and I'm from around Boston, MA. I enjoy my time of bordom working on my internet sites(yes I have more than one), writing music for my band, The Donar Vegitarians/Party, play guitar, singing, or watching TV on my lazy ass(lol nr). I love Good Charlotte, hanging out with my friends, singing, punk crap, and going on the internet. I hate meat, turtlenek shirt(No I'm not copying Billy, that's actually true), spiders, anything that crawls, little kids, rain, borebom, the creepy psycologist @ skool, snotty popular preps, and Avril LaPenis(That's what I call her). Yah that's it...

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My E-mail Adress

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

I hope y'all enjoy my site. I worked hard to do this and I hope ya like it. There are interesting facts, bios, pix, and all that good shit.  You can post something up about Good Charlotte if you'd like. Just look at my AIM profile and sign the guestbook. (FeelYaFallinAway, BenjiBillyFartz9, WHOmyBILLYmartin, HoleOn4ever4GC). It could be news, interesting facts, and all that shit.

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